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Thursday, July 8, 2010

six by eight art exhibition @ The Paper Place

Yay! My art piece, "Just Visiting" was accepted into the Six by Eight art exhibition at The Paper Place (886 Queen St. W.) The exhibit runs until August 5th, so pls check it out. There are a lot of nice pieces there that can be purchased, including mine :)

Title: Just Visiting

6' x 8'

chiyogami, textured paper, plasticine (modeling clay)

Hope you can make it over to see. There are a lot of interesting and amazing artists participating. There are three that I want to purchase. One has already been sold, one i'm waiting to hear back on the price and the other one I really like, but I'm waffling! ^_T

Commission: The Violinist

One of my friends commissioned me to do a framed origami work that had to have an element of classical music or opera for her stepfather. I thought about it for a while and I wanted to incorporate an instrument. I finally decided on trying to make a violinist in a kimono.

Inspiration always comes to me at very late hours and I spent three hours working on the origami violinist - trying to get create the perfect hair, the perfect kimono, the perfect positioning and the violin. I also had to take into consideration the liberties I take making these pieces...the origami people never have hands or feet. This is what came out of it.

After going through around a dozen different chiyogami papers, I decided on these four backgrounds... I was really surprised at how many backgrounds went well with the violinist, but I really tried to narrow it down.

The silvery paper and the flowers and branches give it a very calm, zen feeling and the violinist stands out.

I like the gold background and the trees. The gold lining on the violinist's kimono seems to match well with the gold spirals on the water. It also makes me wonder whether the violinist's music is turning the trees pink or white.

I like how the gold dust seems to form clouds or water over the tones of blue. It has a magical feel to it. When I posted these pictures on facebook, majority of comments favoured this background.

I felt like this background had a fantasy feel to it - like there is a tree with ribbons or a sacred tree of some sort and the wind is blowing, while the violinist plays. My sisters liked this one the best.

In the end, it is a commission. I gave the choice to my friend and she chose the third background. I hope her stepfather likes it! I will post the finished piece before I hand it over to her! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Updates: More Pictures from the art unveiling and crafty happenings

I must admit that I was so busy during the show, I didn't take photos of all of the people there. Oh well! I definitely will at the next one! Here are some photos of the art

all of the framed origami

angle shots

left side

right side

I will post the pictures of the stand-alone and series pieces that are still avaiable for purchase soon.

I have just posted the rest of the pictures of the pieces I sold at the art unveiling in the previous post. Other than that I have been quite busy and have not been able to blog regularly, so here are a few more updates!

1. After the art show, I received numerous commission requests, so that's what I have been working on lately.

2. The origami crane mobile workshop has been postponed and will hopefully be offered in the fall

3. I will be putting some of my art work up at Ambiance Chocolat - a wonderful chocolate/coffee shop, for the month of August. They have the best chocolate hazelnut croissants in the city!


4. I have submitted an art piece for The Paper Place's Six by Eight art exhibition. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, July 8th from 7-10pm. If my art is accepted into the exhibition, it will be there from July 6 - August 5.

Title: Just Visiting

6' x 8'

chiyogami, card stock, textured paper, plasticine (modeling clay)

5. I will be donating a special origami piece for the (drop-in) South Riverdale Child-Parent Centre's Annual Auction in the fall, to raise money for the centre. I do quite a bit of programming with them and support the work they do. I plan to make a family-oriented piece with 1-3 origami people in it.

6. Some of the framed origami is hanging in Woodside Square Public Library, I believe, until the end of July. The pieces there are all stand-alones and can be purchased separately, though I always find that it likes nice when you have a set of three together because of the size of the frames.