Sunday, January 17, 2016

Project Fold

The Made by a SAM-urai team wants to announce our 2016 challenge, 'Project Fold'. Throughout the year, our team will be altering different origami figures per month. The project's goals are to promote origami awareness, bring Origami into public spaces and challenge the teams creativity.

For the month of January we have decided to focus on ROCKETS. Take a look below at the figures we have created so far and let us know what you think. For up to date photos, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Unexpected Nod from Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!

(via Made by a SAM-urai on August 1): Good morning! Last night Joseph Gordon-Levitt released a short films request regarding the Impossible Dream collaboration. Artists were asked to contribute their impossible dreams and Sam had been uploading Guinness World Record progress reports on the site. We were surprised to see that he highlighted her work on the project! We are thankful for everyone's support on HITRECORD and especially grateful to UTFOLD for the opportunity to contribute. Sam is excited to support and help out the three lovely ladies who have been chosen for the short films. Congratulations to Scorch, _buttercup and kate e howrad! We're cheering you on and everyone else who is bravely moving forward in pursuit of happiness!

All Sam's Guinness related records can be found here:

JGL talks about her dream from 1:15-2:05!

-Made by a SAM-urai Team ^__^

An Origami Guinness World Record!!!

In July of 2014, one of Sam's friends told her that UTFOLD (University of Toronto's origami club, Fly with Origami, Learn to Dream) was working on breaking a Guinness World Record for the Largest Display of Origami Flowers. The project started in May and Sam applied and approved to join at the end of July.

It was a long journey for an origami project, but all who volunteered were dedicated and worked really hard.

Along with attempting to break the Guinness World Record for Largest Display of Origami Flowers, this project aimed to promote cancer awareness and origami as a form of artistic expression. All proceeds raised were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

On March 6th, 51,080 origami daffodils were arranged to form the Canadian Cancer Society's logo and displayed at the University of Toronto. All benefits raised were and continue to be, donated to their cause.

Sam folded 2,105. She said, "the fastest I could complete flowers was 80 in a 3 hr workshop. There are many that folded more - much more, but I was ecstatic that an art form I love could help support a cause very close to her heart. It was an amazing collaborative event to be part of."

The previous record: 50,178 flowers (Aichi Prefectural Chigusa Senior High School - Japan)
Our 2015 record: 51,080 flowers (UTFOLD, University of Toronto - Canada) 

Thanks for tuning in!

- Made by a SAM-urai Team



For anyone living in U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland, you can now view our Emmy Award-Winning Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV on NETFLIX! Sam (SAM-urai) was one of many contributors. She has an origami bumper in the money episode. Check out some stellar collaborative art made by artists around the world! ^___^ 

Season One of Hit Record On TV is streaming NOW on Netflix! So, if you subscribe to Netlflix, you can watch it HERE --

SAM-urai credited as a Set Designer on the Little Dragon animation on HITRECORD ON TV Season episode RE: FIRE

On July 3rd, HITRECORD ON TV Season 2's episode RE: FIRE aired. It was so exciting to see all of the hard work and experimentation on village paper props live on a TV screen! Sam was able to watch it with some of the animation team through skype.

She was credited as a set designer for her work on the animation and has also been credited for her contributions in the opening title sequence and in the overture. Her contributions can be seen below.

 moo moo cow (origami cow walking on the globe)
Yuki-Onna (origami woman in white on the right hand side)

pixelated hand pointer icon 
closer version of moo moo cow                                                

paper heart icon on the bottom of video testimonials

In the Little Dragon animation, Sam created the village (houses, church, tavern, flames, bridge, boxes, cows, lamp, fountain, well and wagon/cart. These were then cut out by ponytailsandcapris (animator) and then dropped into the animation by spun (resident animator). She also worked with Iluminar who made vegetables for the wagon and boxes and helped decorate one the houses with flowers with scriptsoup. There were amazingcontributors like sinnamin who made the plushies based on key character design by sojushots and tesslucia, anybarra83 who did the set design for Sylvie's home and destinytara who also contributed to the set. Animators babylove, grinline and dotunfolded also made this piece come to life. There are many other contributors from all over the world who worked together to make this wonderful short. Thanks to spun for the images :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

hitRECord & HIT RECORD ON TV Season 2


My apologies for not updating on a regular basis. For my most recent work, please check out my instagram: samurai_origami or my facebook page MADE BY A SAM-urai

I have been very active on hitRECord, a collaborative production company in which artists from around the world work together to make art. The company was founded by actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother Dan.

For the first season of HITRECORD ON TV, I contributed a video of myself folding a jumping frog from a US dollar bill ($1 frog). It was then remixed by Wunderboy with his music (Buy Shit! Thanks again :) ) to make this bumper which was used on the show.

Folding Money Buggy Bumpers - NO TEXT

After the show was aired with thousands of contributions, it was announced that HITRECORD ON TV won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the area of Social TV Experience!

We have wrapped up production of the second season and I have been contributing a lot more. Below are some of my paper cut and origami contributions that can be seen in the opening overture of HIT RECORD ON TV Season 2. The season premiere can be viewed here:

Yuki-onna (origami)

1 heart (paper cut out)

hand pointer icon paper cut out

moo moo cows (origami)


Saturday, February 7, 2015

paper cutting stained glass

Sam is currently working on a paper church. One of the defining features of a church is its stained glass. Using a coloured, wax-like paper, Sam designed and cut out stained miniature windows. Check them out below. A picture of the church will be uploaded once it has been completed.