Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper Creations: Origami & Washi Tape

Inspired by the washi tape my friend brought me from Japan and the upcoming holiday season, I've made some new stuff this year!

small washi tape ornaments (cute holiday decoration & can even be used in the spring due to the design)

Origami Crane Ornaments (some have washi tape rose patterns on the top)

Upcoming Projects
*helping to make origami models and participating in a Tanabata storybook at a a Japanese festival
*creating and donating a family origami art piece for the SRCPC Auction
*applying for Sick Kids origami instruction program

Sara's Last Commission for Alyssa

This is was Sara's last commission of the set I made her last year. I was finally able to get the picture of it. Voila~

Friday, February 4, 2011

blogging is work & Rose making with FOLD

Yes, I've come to the conclusion...though it has been very delayed...that blogging is a lot of work. Unfortunately, because of work and school and everything else, I'm not working on origami as frequently as in the past. I normally post when I've finished a commission or worked on something new.

I still haven't posted the picture of Sara's last commission. I couldn't find my camera, used the work camera to take a photo and uploaded it onto my work computer. Alas, I cannot locate it and I've deleted it off the camera. Teaches me not to erase things until I double check that it has properly been saved. Booo...I'll have to ask if I can take another photo!!

I finally attended a FOLD meeting/workshop! With my hectic schedule, I haven't been able to come to any meetings. I took a half day from work to do some school stuff and also to meet FOLD member and make roses.

They are organizing the rose project. The goal being to make origami roses and sell them to raise money and donate leftover origami roses to SickKids. It's a worthwhile cause and I donate to SickKids and the Herbie Fund as well. I have a soft spot for that hospital as my younger sister spent several Easters there with bad cases of asthma and my young ten-year-old cousin had a brain tumor and was treated at SickKids. He is in remission now! The staff is amazing and really took care of my family, so I am happy to help them out.

I finally learned how to make an origami rose. I have been trying to learn for years, but I always managed to psych myself out. Thanks to the very helpful instructors and patience, I managed to make a half decent one...more with practice. Roses take a lot of material and time, so I don't know if I can say I'd make them on a regular basis! Kudos to the origami rose makers of the world!

Good night!