Thursday, June 19, 2014

Networking Origami Installation at the Eats & Beats Street Festival in Riverside

On June 7th, I participated in the Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Festival. The wonderful Riverside BIA approved my idea to make an origami installation. I had thought it would entail me decorating a few poles or trees, but they surprised me by giving me the Target Park fence on Queen/Saulter to decorate.

325 butterflies, 5 hours of folding and 6.5 hours installing nets and origami butterflies and the Networking installation was born. I was given great feedback and enjoyed the process of doing my first official installation!

Thanks to the Riverside BIA for such a wonderful opportunity!

Title: Networking
by Samantha Dizon

This installation portrays various butterflies connected through several nets. Interpretation of the work is left up to the audience.

Having created origami in shadow boxes for several years, Sam felt it was time to bring origami outside to an audience that wouldn't expect to see it on their way to work or while out on a stroll. In doing so, she hopes to convince those who see the butterflies that origami can indeed be art and not just a hobby craft.

Sam Dizon has been folding origami since the age of eight. She teaches origami classes and does commissions. Some of her work has recently been used on HITRECORD on TV season 1 and her origami love (album) has inspired a collaboration on