Thursday, July 2, 2015

hitRECord & HIT RECORD ON TV Season 2


My apologies for not updating on a regular basis. For my most recent work, please check out my instagram: samurai_origami or my facebook page MADE BY A SAM-urai

I have been very active on hitRECord, a collaborative production company in which artists from around the world work together to make art. The company was founded by actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother Dan.

For the first season of HITRECORD ON TV, I contributed a video of myself folding a jumping frog from a US dollar bill ($1 frog). It was then remixed by Wunderboy with his music (Buy Shit! Thanks again :) ) to make this bumper which was used on the show.

Folding Money Buggy Bumpers - NO TEXT

After the show was aired with thousands of contributions, it was announced that HITRECORD ON TV won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the area of Social TV Experience!

We have wrapped up production of the second season and I have been contributing a lot more. Below are some of my paper cut and origami contributions that can be seen in the opening overture of HIT RECORD ON TV Season 2. The season premiere can be viewed here:

Yuki-onna (origami)

1 heart (paper cut out)

hand pointer icon paper cut out

moo moo cows (origami)