Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Unexpected Nod from Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!

(via Made by a SAM-urai on August 1): Good morning! Last night Joseph Gordon-Levitt released a short films request regarding the Impossible Dream collaboration. Artists were asked to contribute their impossible dreams and Sam had been uploading Guinness World Record progress reports on the site. We were surprised to see that he highlighted her work on the project! We are thankful for everyone's support on HITRECORD and especially grateful to UTFOLD for the opportunity to contribute. Sam is excited to support and help out the three lovely ladies who have been chosen for the short films. Congratulations to Scorch, _buttercup and kate e howrad! We're cheering you on and everyone else who is bravely moving forward in pursuit of happiness!

All Sam's Guinness related records can be found here:

JGL talks about her dream from 1:15-2:05!

-Made by a SAM-urai Team ^__^

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